Lawyer Mila Zosimidou handles cases related to each field of law, with specialization in the fields of civil, commercial, administrative, immigration law, as well as the Katselis law.

In particular, our firm deals with the following areas of law:

Civil law

  • Real estate purchase and sale
  • Legal support for commercial and residential lease
  • Wills – Inheritance rights
  • Divorce, alimony, parent-child relationships

The services of our firm cover the whole range of civil law, providing also responsible legal support in the areas of property law (real estate purchase and sale agreements, issues of preservation or violation of property rights), land law, family law (divorces, alimony and spousal issues up to and after marriage, drawing up a cohabitation agreement, custody and access right to children, adoption, recognition or determination of paternity, judicial support), law of obligation (compensations, contracts, lease), consumer protection law, as well as matters relating to inheritance law in connection with the acceptance or waiver of inheritance, statement of claim concerning inheritance right, legitime or issuance of certificate of inheritance.

Commercial Law

  • Establishment and monitoring of companies
  • Companies restructuring
  • Bankruptcy
  • Protection of the borrower

Our firm provides a wide range of legal services in the establishment of all types of companies (General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Société Anonyme, European Company, Private Company, etc.), preparation of all types of corporate documents, representation of companies’ interests in court and other institutions, formation of regulatory bodies (General Meeting, Board of Directors).

In addition, our scope of activities includes issues of domestic or international mergers, registration of trade names and trademarks, national ones or of European community, patentability for industrial property issues, including inventions or patents, as well as competition issues and insolvency (bankruptcy) laws.

Intellectual Property Law

  • Registration and protection of any copyright and intangible assets
  • Registration of trademarks

Our law firm undertakes cases in the field of intellectual property, both at the consultative level and at the level of registration of any intellectual inventions or copyright infringement.

Automotive Law

  • Submission of claims or traverse of indictments for road accidents

Law Firm of Mila Zosimidou undertakes cases relating to compensation of losses in view of any civil offense, indicatively, in case of an accident, insult of a person, as well as private insurance contracts.

Over-indebted households

  • Preparation and submission of applications for inclusion in the Law 3869/2010
  • Judicial representation in any Magistrates Court in Attica region

Law 3869/2010, also known as "Katselis Law", provides for the instruments to settle the debts of individuals with constant difficulties in paying out to credit institutions.

We have the necessary experience in the field of Civil Insolvency Law (the law on Over-indebted households), we carry out prompt and effective actions to represent and consult clients from the stage of pre-trial settlement to representation in Magistrates courts for judicial settlement of such issues.


Our firm has considerable experience in obtaining housing loans for repatriated Greeks.

Administrative law

  • Appeals
  • Lawsuits
  • Application for annulment 

We deal with cases in the field of administrative law, namely, appeals against the imposition of fines, administrative sanctions, customs violations and general tax disputes, as well as lawsuits, appeals, notices of appeal, applications for annulment of all levels of administrative courts.

Immigration Law

1) Individuals

  • Filing documents and obtaining a residence permit
  • Legal support for the purchase or sale of real estate (residence permit for 5 years for investors)
  • Recognition of foreign court judgements
  • Revocation of judicial and administrative deportation
  • Removal of third-country nationals from the list of undesirable persons (SIS, National Directory of Unwanted Foreigners (EKANA))
  • Issues of citizenship (submission of supporting documents for the acquisition of Greek citizenship, monitoring the progress of the case, etc.)

2) Legal entities and enterprises

  • Establishment and legal support of all types of companies, establishment of branches of companies from any country of the world
  • Residence permit for CEO and other executive managers
  • Residence permit for entrepreneurs and financially independent persons.

Law Firm of Mila Zosimidou provides specialized legal services in the field of immigration law. In particular, our office provides services both to individuals and legal entities, representing their interests in the judiciary and in any competent services, decentralized administration, regional administration (issuance - renewal of residence permits, etc.).

We almost every day face the issues of immigration law, we monitor all changes in legislation, thereby ensuring optimal operational service for our clients’ interests.

In addition, all legal services are provided in English.