1) Individuals

  • Filing documents and obtaining a residence permit

  • Legal support for the purchase or sale of real estate (residence permit for 5 years for investors)

  • Recognition of foreign court judgements

  • Revocation of judicial and administrative deportation

  • Removal of third-country nationals from the list of undesirable persons (SIS, National Directory of Unwanted Foreigners (EKANA))

  • Issues of citizenship (submission of supporting documents for the acquisition of Greek citizenship, monitoring the progress of the case, etc.)

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2) Legal entities and enterprises

  • Establishment and legal support of all types of companies, establishment of branches of companies from any country of the world
  • Residence permit for CEO and other executive managers
  • Residence permit for entrepreneurs and financially independent persons.

Law Firm of Mila Zosimidou provides specialized legal services in the field of immigration law. In particular, our office provides services both to individuals and legal entities, representing their interests in the judiciary and in any competent services, decentralized administration, regional administration (issuance - renewal of residence permits, etc.).

We almost every day face the issues of immigration law, we monitor all changes in legislation, thereby ensuring optimal operational service for our clients’ interests.

In addition, all legal services are provided in English.